D360BackgroundService.BackgroundActionHandler Interface for creating action handlers  
D360DataServiceDelegate The D360DataServiceDelegate interface allows you to receive Custom payload. 
D360InAppServiceDelegate The D360InAppServiceDelegate interface allows you to be informed and to act when an in-app message is received. 
D360InboxService.OnMessageCompletionListener A callback to execute after the message was processed (update, remove, execute)  
D360InboxService.OnMessagesFetchListener A callback to execute after fetching the Inbox messages  
D360InboxServiceDelegate Inbox Message delegate This delegate will be called each time the new inbox message is received by the SDK so tha app can instantly handle the message  
D360NotificationDecorator Custom notification decorator allows you to customize notification's layouts and more  
D360PushNotification Push Notification contents. 
D360UrlDelegate The D360UrlDelegate interface allows you to configure the behaviour when the SDK is about the open a URL. 
PushProviderInterface The purpose of this interface is to provide consistent method for handling the push communication independently of the provider chosen by developer. 


D360 The D360 class is a main entry point to entire SDK  
D360ActivityLifecycleCallbacks Helper class for making the SDK integration easier Purposes of this class:
  • Tracking app visibility (when the app was opened/closed by the user)
  • Handle the push notification "data" payload
In order to use this callbacks class you have to register it in your class extending the class. 
D360BackgroundService The D360BackgroundService is mandatory for the SDK to make some background operations. 
D360Channel The D360Channel class is used for setting channel options on the backend. 
D360CustomPayload This object represent a custom payload that is sent from a 360 CRM. 
D360DataService The 360dialog SDK handles all actions by itself but you can setup custom crm actions. 
D360EventService The D360EventService is the entry point for sending the events of your application to the 360 Dialog backend. 
D360Identifier This object represents one 360dialog SDK identifier. 
D360Identifiers This object encapsulates some SDK internal identifiers that you can use for tracking purposes. 
D360InAppMessage The D360InAppMessage encapsulates the data contained in a campaign's in-app message. 
D360InAppService The D360InAppService provides methods for displaying the in-app messages  
D360InboxAttachment The attachment to a inbox message  
D360InboxFetchRequest Fetch Request represents request with it's params to fetch the inbox message  
D360InboxMessage The inbox message  
D360InboxMessage.State Message state  
D360InboxService Inbox service  
D360Options The D360Options class is the entry point for configuring the SDK option. 
D360Options.EventsOptions The EventsOptions class is the entry point for configuring the events tracking options. 
D360Options.InboxOptions The InboxOptions class is the entry point for configuring the Inbox options Changing the properties values has immediate effect on the SDK but note that those settings are not persisted. 
D360PushService The D360PushService is the entry point for handling everything related to push notifications. 
D360UrlService The D360URLService is the entry point for handling everything related to links, urls and deep links. 
D360UserService The D360UserService is the entry point for handling everything related to the users  


D360InAppService.DismissReason The reason why an in-app was dismissed  
D360InAppService.DisplayChoice Choices for displaying in-app messages. 
D360InboxFetchRequest.DeleteFilter Delete states of the messages  
D360InboxFetchRequest.ReadFilter Read states of the messages  
D360LoggerSeverity The SDK logcat output verbosity can be controlled by using one of the values below. 
D360Options.EventsOptions.Category This enum is for internal use.